Facebook vs real life 

We all like to present our best selves on social media – especially if we’re trying to build a following or engage with sponsors. So off I happily went to document a bit of tyre-hauling. It was pretty hard work and I decided to share the ‘after’ pic with you as a) it’s pretty funny compared to the before pic b) it was quite hard work, and picture a doesn’t quite show that and c) this is what I often look like after I’ve made an effort.

I don’t think I’m alone in that – if you’ve tried hard on a run, or gym session, spinning or walking, you are red-faced, sweaty and with snot coming out of your nose (ok, maybe that’s just me…) and I certainly never wear makeup. Oh and matching kit? Almost never. My various collection of running tights and vest tops follow each other round in the wash and never the matching set will meet. I’m lucky if I can find a sports bra when I need one, never mind the mid-layer I bought with the leggings, or the non-clashing shorts and top, or the matching socks. I can hear my mother’s voice in my head exclaiming ‘it’s not a fashion parade.’  And it’s not – I want to be warm enough (or cool enough) and not have any weird seams rubbing in weird places. 

So here you have it, with all my 39 years showing on my face, my mouth has gone strangely rubbery with the effort and my hair, well. But this is who I really am, who you’ll really see around Salisbury when I’m out with my tyre or running through the woods. And it made people laugh – was that a tacit, knowing laugh as they’ve been there too? 

I tried for ‘before and after part two’ in the gym last night but the difference wasn’t a stark. I mustn’t have been trying hard enough……


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