What’s the opposite of a death wish?

After initial testing, which showed my knot knowledge to be confined to granny knots (must work on that), I was ready today to take the tyre out for a longer stretch. I’ve been assured that tyre hauling can feel far harder than pulling a pulk as there’s a lot more resistance.
My usual running route starts with a pretty and gently undulating path through the woods. Perfect for half an hour out. I started out cheerfully, it didn’t feel too bad, and I can honestly say that, while hard work, it was great fun. It was almost like taking a large an unruly dog for a walk! In Antarctica there will be sastrugi. I had leaves, and a number of bridges over ditches where the tyre fell in and had to be hauled out.
It was a beautiful autumn day – windy, and cold to start off with, but I was soon pretty warm.
I met no one, which was just as well as it does look rather odd. I’m going to have to get used to that though…

When I turned back onto the road to head home, it suddenly felt ridiculously hard. I suppose tyres are meant to grip road surfaces…

I then met one of my neighbours.
‘Dare I ask’ he said as he was getting into his car.

‘Of course you can!’ I returned.

I explained what I was doing.

‘Antarctica? Oh, somewhere nice and close then! Do you have a death wish!?’

‘Oh no, more of a life wish. Everyone has a least one big adventure in them, don’t you think?’

‘I can’t argue with that’ he smiled and turned the key in his ignition.
A successful first day out. Planning to do one hauling session per week for now as it’s early days. I could feel the waistband of the harness starting to rub – will keep an eye on it but it’s well padded so perhaps it’s just a matter of getting used to it. I’m sure I’m going to feel today’s session in the morning!!


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